Standard Tolerances
Variety Catchu (local name)
Appearance Good,  uniform
Colour Yellow to bright organ
Odor/Flavor Natural characteristic flavor of Mango, no off-flavor
Size (15 x 15)mm

(dices which have a side under  or over 15 mm and dices are less one corner but not over 1/3 volume of diced standard is acceptable)

Min. 80%
Under size (of 2 sides) <13 mm Max. 10%
Over size (of 2 sides) >17mm Max 10 %
Poor sharp (pressed dices or slanting dices) Max 5%
Pieces with hard skin > 3mm Max  5 pcs/kg
Brownish spot >1mm Max 3 pcs / kg
Clumps (not separated by hand) > 3 pcs Max. 5%
Brix Dry season: 12o Up

Rainy season: 10o Up

E.V.M Max. 1pcs / kg
F.M 0
Shefl – life 24 months after production date in cold store
Storage Below -18oC
Packing 1 x 10kg / blue PE/carton  or  according to requiement of customer
Microbiology Limit
– Total Plate Count Max 105 CFU/g
– Total Coliforms Max 102CFU/g
– E. coli ND/g
– Staphylococcus aureus <10CFU/g
– Yeast & Moulds Max 5×103 CFU/g
– Salmonella Negative / 25g
– Listeria monocytogenes Negative / 25g
Pesticide residue Comply with National laws of Buyers


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